Cookies n Coconut Cream

  • Serves
  • Prep Time Min
  • Calories

What You'll Need

1 Sambazon Original Superfruit Pack

1 scoop Vegan Coconut or Vanilla Ice Cream

1 large Frozen Banana (or 2 small)

¼ - ½ c Coconut Milk (or Coconut Cream)

Chunks of Dark Chocolate (or Dark Chocolate Chips)

Coconut Shreds

Dash of Vanilla

Toppings: Chocolate Granola, Coconut Shreds

How To Make It

Blend everything but the chocolate chunks and Sambazon Original Superfruit Packs. Let the packs sit out for a few minutes then break the pulp into your blender and blend until smooth. Add your chocolate chunks, blend for a few seconds longer to get them mixed in but not broken up. Pour in a bowl and top with all the goodies. Maybe even some cookie chunks!